Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sabHub is Live!

sabHub is now available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. It has a trial and cost €1.29 for the paid version however the only difference is the presence of a small ad on the 'Add NZB' page. So no time limitation or reduced functionality. However only paid up customers will get the Live Tile functionality when it is introduced (which will be very soon!).

Click to view sabHub on the marketplace

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WP7 Required Device Capabilities

During submission of my app I notice something curious, listed under Required Device Capabilities I noticed that my application was stating that it needed access to owner identity & phone calls. Nowhere in my app do I access the namespaces required to list this capabilities.

After a bit of searching around I found out that it is infact the Ad control in my app that is requesting these capabilities. I think Microsoft should make some sort of distinction between what the application is using and what their own controls are using.

From an end user point of view my app looks like it's requesting the owner identity and access to make phone calls at will . It looks altogether very sketchy to say the least and is making me reconsider the inclusion of the Ad control in the app.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sabHub for Windows Phone 7

Hi Folks,
              Just want to post a note about something I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. sabHub is a sabnzbd+ tool for your brand new Windows Phone 7 device. It allows you to fully control your sabnzbd server from your phone. Features include:

  • View currently downloading and queued items (speed,time remaining, percentage complete etc)
  • Delete and 'Move to Top' individual items in your queue
  • Pause and Resume individual items in your queue
  • Pause and resume your entire queue.
  • View history
  • Clear history
  • Delete individual history items
  • Add newzbin report ID
  • Full landscape report showing more detailed information

v1.0 is feature complete and awaiting approval before being put live in the marketplace. 
I'm already planning v1.1 which will include Live Tile support showing the current status of your queue without needing to launch the application!